• A striking pair of stud earrings that is bold enough to make a statement while still being a good size to wear as every-day earrings. The softly faceted angles are complimented by the satin finished silver giving the earrings a modern, yet classical feel.  
  • Zulu Plug Earstuds

    Inspired by traditional Zulu ear-plugs, these modern day interpretations work with a normal sized pin and silver butterfly. I do these in various colours. Traditional colours normally used are red, turquoise and black. The studs are made of solid sterling silver, are 16mm in diameter and are finished off in a silky matte texture.
  • These Solid Silver drop earrings have a modern, edgy feel. A fresh, stylised take version of your feline friend. The earrings moves on chains creating a feeling of playfulness. The earrings attach with a stud & butterfly mechanism and are finished off in a silky, matt texture. The plate is about 20mm in length and the total length of the earring is about 33mm.
  • A large pair of silver earrings with a bold angular pattern. The central section dangles independently from the rest of the earring creating a light, playfulness. The earrings celebrate the geometric patterns often painted on Ndebele houses. In a Jungian twist, these geometric patterns can also look a lot like Navajo designs.  
  • An organic feel softens a slightly angled outline. These silver earrings have a modern yet peaceful feeling to them. They sit on the lobe with the pebble panel hanging a little below the bottom of the lobe.  
  • Silver Earrings that give a modern twist on hoop earrings. These earrings are attached with a butterfly and pin mechanism and only curve a little behind the lobe. These are similar to the Geometric Flow Half Hoop Earrings, except that they are a little broader and don't have strong angles and corners.
  • A combination of the modern and classical. Angular while still feminine. A modern, faceted pair of earrings that maintain the feminine lines of hoops. The earrings are attached as a stud using butterflies. The front of the hoop sits on the lobe, while the back curves slightly behind the lobe.
  • Solid Sterling Silver Drop Earrings with a modern-edge. Random angles create an intriguing shape that houses rough minerals, crystals and gemstones, such as turquoise, agate & azurite. Azurite is in these pictures. The shape of each earring remains the same but the specific mineral's look may be different to the picture.
  • Chevron Pendant and Chain

    This angled pendant has a simple, clean-lined boldness that clearly shows off its modern, faceted look. A V-shape to accentuate your neckline This elegant pendant is finished off with a silky, matte texture giving it a modern feel. This pendant typically comes on a 45cm curb-link chain. If you would prefer something longer or shorter, let me know.  
  • An impressive oval pendant taking inspiration from Moroccan decorative patterns. The geometric array draws the eye to the centrally set gemstone. A range of genuine, natural semiprecious gemstones are set into a tube-setting. The gemstones represent a range of the birthstone options. The pendant comes on a 45cm sterling silver chain.
  • These silver studs are multi-facetted, with the enameled lines creating another dimension.
  • These silver earrings attach as studs with the modern, edgy patterned panel extending a little below the lobe. The outline design creates a delicate feel to the earrings.  

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