• Wanderlust Compass Pendant

    This compass is the ideal piece to be worn by the eternal traveller or wanderer. The person who is always planning their next adventure, full of the awe of the unknown. Wanderlust is the desire to travel or in its pure form wanderlust means the desire to hike, so is also ideal for outdoor, adventure lovers. The pendant is finished off in a silky matt texture and comes on a 45cm silver chain. The pendant is 12mm in diameter
  • Nina the Bunny Pendant

    A discerning rabbit with simple, yet elegant tastes. Nina is a delicate creature, 17mm from tip of ear to tuft of tail. She is made entirely in sterling silver and comes on a 40, 45 or 50cm silver chain. She has a silky matte texture. If you prefer a shorter chain, or any other personalised item, let us know.
  • Afro-Comb Pendant and Chain

    This Afro Comb Pendant is all about African Pride. The pendant is a combination of a silhouetted lady’s face sporting an Afro and an African comb.    
  • Humphrey the Owl Pendant

    Humphrey the owl is the ultimate in cute. He is 3-dimensional and has a little tail at the back. Humphrey typically comes on a 45cm delicate curb-link chain. If you would prefer something longer or shorter, let me know.   There is also a Humphrey with an enamelled heart to view over here... https://dukedutch.com/product/humphrey-owl-pendant-with-love/  
  • Ndlovu the elephant is a solid silver pendant on leather thong. The elephant is a symbol of the gentleness and power of Africa. The minimalist design gives this piece a sophisticated feel. The pendant is unisex with guys choosing either the plain black thong or pale brown, plaited leather options and women adding plaited pink or violet to the previous 2 options. I normally make the necklaces 52cm for guys and 44cm for ladies. Let me know what length you prefer. Ndlovu is 18mm tall and is 3-dimensional, so can be worn walking to the left or the right.
  • Space Invader Pendant

    Retro Space Invader pendant made in Sterling Silver. These little computer game invaders come in peace.  You can choose from a range of colours. Let me know if you want Green, Red, Navy, Pale Blue, Subtle Pink, Orange, Lilac, Yellow or on the natural black, oxidized colour. The pendant is finished with a silky, matte texture.  
  • Dino T-Rex Pendant

    This cute little dinosaur T-Rex is modelled on a cartoon sketch my son made. A perfect gift for your little ones, looking tough but not too scary.  
  • Chevron Pendant and Chain

    This angled pendant has a simple, clean-lined boldness that clearly shows off its modern, faceted look. A V-shape to accentuate your neckline This elegant pendant is finished off with a silky, matte texture giving it a modern feel. This pendant typically comes on a 45cm curb-link chain. If you would prefer something longer or shorter, let me know.  
  • A matching pair of puzzle pieces that lock into each other. A great gift for two people who compliment each other perfectly. The perfect fit.   These pendants typically come on silver 45cm curb-link chains. If you would prefer something longer or shorter, let me know. The price indicated buys a pair of pendants. Each on its own silver chain. If you prefer to buy only one of these pendants then you can go here... https://dukedutch.com/product/delicate-puzzle-piece-pendant/ Or we also sell a slightly larger pendant here... https://dukedutch.com/product/puzzle-piece-pendant/    
  • Koi Pendant

    This Koi-shaped pendant has a feeling of movement with the fish swooshing below your lobe. This bronze colour channels the warmth of rose gold. While the silver option embodies the coolness of the stream.
  • An impressive oval pendant taking inspiration from Moroccan decorative patterns. The geometric array draws the eye to the centrally set gemstone. A range of genuine, natural semiprecious gemstones are set into a tube-setting. The gemstones represent a range of the birthstone options. The pendant comes on a 45cm sterling silver chain.
  • A classical, dainty, baby heart, enamelled in your choice of colour on a delicate 45cm curb-linked chain. The discrete size allows this pendant to go anywhere with you. You can choose from the following colours: red, pale pink, violet, royal blue, sky blue, bottle green, orange, neon green or yellow. Alternatively the recessed area could be blackened or left in its natural silver colour. Both the chain and the heart are solid, sterling silver.    

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